Our prices are simple. We mainly offer only DIGITAL DOWNLOADS. We do offer other item, see our list below. BUT if there is something you want us to do please don't hesitate to contact us. We are a full service photography studio and have a full line of item.

Digital Download ----- $8.00 ea (1 thru 5 images)

----- $7.00 ea (6 thru 10 images)

----- $6.00 ea (11 thu 15 images)

----- $5.00 ea ( over 16 images)

Senior Awards -------- $95.00 (11x14 image in a 16v20 frame with double matte, these are the same item that are give to each Sr athlete at W&J College as a senior gift)

Please call for any other item you may want. My cell # 724-255-8660